Friday, October 08, 2004

congratulations to stella mccartney, she's three months pregnant with her first child. the baby will be only two years younger than her father's recently born daughter, beatrice. it's kind of weird when your playmate is your aunt.

martha stewart's reps are being pitched on a post-prison reality show in which martha is given tips by ol' dirty bastard (via gawker). this is just too strange to joke about.

avril lavigne wants to make her movie debut as courtney love. courtney, predictably, loves the idea.

mary-kate olsen has come up with a new way to shed the pounds, smoking. she may have found the dirty habit more fun than starving herself, since it allows her to scarf down the sweets at serendipity 3.

british bookies have decided that hagrid is the character most likely to die in the next harry potter book. the sixth novel is to be entitled, harry potter and the half-blood prince.

imdb news:
  • matt leblanc is fighting back at the claims of his former driver that he used the limo for gay liaisons.
  • angelina jolie and bernie mac have taken out full-page ads in the trades to congratulate billy bob thornton on his star on the walk of fame. who will get a star next? jeff foxworthy?
  • jude law is desperate to play hamlet on the london stage.

    a post on the members-only messageboard claims not only is mandy moore kissing zach braff at john kerry fundraisers, but natalie portman is back with gael garcia bernal.