Monday, October 11, 2004

christopher reeve has died after entering cardiac arrest on sunday and then, subsequently, a coma. he was 52.

see the most heinous pictures of britney spears ever. in related news, the oxy-covered chanteuse is now officially married.

the brits declare brad pitt and jennifer aniston's relationship is on the rocks all because the two have not made many public appearances lately. in fact, brad pitt has been seen out and about ALONE on several occasions. perhaps ms. aniston is going through a bit of post pardom depression after delivering the final episode of friends.

a "beauty therapist" claims david beckham performed oral sex on her. "surprisingly" the football star has denied the claims, stating "everyone knows i like me fish with chips."

allegations have come out that prince harry may have attempted to cheat on an art exam. an art exam? i mean who cares? it's not like that stuff is important.

madonna is getting ready to reinvent herself as the next simon cowell. she may serve as a judge on pal, missy elliott's new show, "the road to stardom". sounds to me like "the road to retirement".

sorry gals, newly brunette renee zellweger is still dating jack white.