Wednesday, October 06, 2004

buy up as many issues of ym as you can because some day they might be worth something. no, not because a few unauthorized issues were leaked this month featuring cover girl paris hilton spewing the "n word" like it was going out of style (come on, now. racism will never go out of style). no, buy these issues up because ym (which originally stood for "young miss" and was then changed with bonnie fuller's reign as editor to "young and modern") has just been purchased by s.i. newhouse. and you know what that means, things are going to get conde nasty. you will soon no longer be able to enjoy such hard-hitting regular features as "say anything" (they totally started the embarrassing moments thing) and "cool thought" because, with the december/january issue, the magazine will merge with (or really be submerged into) teen vogue. while i no doubt commend tv for its awesomeness (as demonstrated by my recent subscription to it), i can't help but feel a little sad about the demise of this far inferior sentimental favorite. my sister was a ym subscriber before she realized it was much cooler to read sassy. thus, i was a ym reader at quite a young age. i shared her issues (much cooler back back in the day, covering then debaucherous drew barrymore and belinda carlisle as well as the enviably cool sherilyn fenn of "twin peaks") with my fellow 10-year-olds at the ymca and felt my own cool factor rise for doing so. sure, the magazine has lost its edge over the years, as well as its readership, and subscribers will undoubtedly benefit from their exposure to teen vogue's superiority, but i still must use this time to say, "thank you, ym, for making me proud to call myself young and modern for life."