Monday, October 25, 2004

britney totally wanted to be the huckabees girl and like threw a fit when david o. russell gave the part to naomi watts.

pulp's jarvis cocker is doing the score for harry potter and the goblet of fire (via he may do a cameo as well. perhaps in the band with franz ferdinand.

gavin rossdale is a daddy. but not to gwen's baby. the revelation that he has a 16-year-old daughter has gwen seeking marriage counseling.

the chemistry between ethan hawke and julie delpy in before sunrise and before sunset is spreading off-screen. the pair have been spotted on several nyc dates.

jake and kirsten have been spotted making out all over la. he may have gone there first, but i wouldn't want to go anywhere near where rick salomon has been.

get ready to shell out the bucks to watch two gals "do it for poppy". an usher sex tape is rumored to be circulating. he was 19 at the time.

i can't wait to read the heroin chapter! nicole ritchie is trying to market an advice book for young ladies.

everyone's reporting about the ashlee simpson snl lip sync snafu, so i guess i should join in. everyone's favorite teen magazine cover girl has been proven a hypocrite, since she has been quoted in interviews that she would never pull a milli vanilli.

paris hilton is in love. the "lucky" guy is mark philippoussis from australia. mark is 27-year-old tennis player from australia and has left his pop star girlfriend for the heiress. paris showed off a bare-chested pic of philippoussis on her cell phone to the paparazzi. i give this one two weeks.

gael garcia bernal hates lynn hirschberg almost as much as courtney love. the times reporter said the hunky mexican had trouble with his homosexual love scenes in pedro almodovar's bad education. he says this is not true.

real-life love birds adam brody and rachel bilson may be engaged. their "oc" counterparts, seth and summer, don't seem to be headed for such luck in love this season (which starts next thursday!!!!).