Friday, October 01, 2004

britney is clearly a fan of britpoppa.

things aren't so simple for "simple life" co-stars paris and nicole. it seems nicole's ex-boyfriend is the one selling the new ph sex tape. ny daily news speculates this might be the reason paris skipped nicole's 23rd at the ivy.

as if courtney love needed more trouble, legal or otherwise. she's being sued for the $50k bill she accrued with a travel agency and did not pay.

"mischa's a lover, not a fighter." too bad the same can't be said for her oil heir boyfriend, brandon davis. davis got into a fight with a dole heir in a hollywood hot spot, after which his "oc" gal pal gave him a stern talking to.

rock and republic has tapped victoria beckham to design for its new maternity line. this makes no sense since, even at nine months pregnant, posh can probably still fit into a size 0.

vassar grad jessi klein blogged about the debates last night. she's so cool and pretty and funny and sexy...(via stereogum).