Wednesday, October 06, 2004

britney has gone wild, throwing a beverage at the paparazzi for the second time in a week.

trannies, rejoice! j. lo is going on tour. i guess the latina sensation has finally accepted her mistake and her fate as marc anthony's wife as she and her hubby did the red carpet together for the first time since getting married four months ago. she is also trying to get her relationship with ben affleck out of the public's collective memory by attempting to have the video for "jenny from the block" permanently removed from mtv and vh1.

the spongebob squarepants movie is duking it out with garden state and wicker park to determine whose soundtrack has the most indie cred (as if such a thing exists). anyway, the sbsp soundtrack will feature songs from wilco, the flaming lips, the shins and ween, some exclusive and some previously released. zach braff may be impishly cute and josh hartnett may look like my dad, but i've got to give it to nickelodeon on this one.

just weeks into their first year at nyu, gawker thinks the olsen twins have dropped out. they called the cynthia nixon thing, remember?

defamer had such a good headline for this, i gotta steal it. rodney dangerfield gets no respect from the grim reaper. that's right, folks. the long awaited sequel to ladybugs has been officially shelved. the d-man died yesterday at the ucla medical center at the age of 82.

cablinasian tiger woods married his swedish girlfriend yesterday in a $3 million ceremony that hosted such guests as oprah winfrey, michael jordan and charles barkley.

msn's scoop has it on good authority that hillary duff's new song "haters" is about lindsay lohan. duff warns the fiery redhead to "keep your lies out of my reality." amen, sister. the song also mentions duff's "boyfriend", which could very likely be joel madden as previously reported since the pint-sized popstar was recently snuck into a good charlotte show. scoop also gives us a look inside the kind of dirty talk that sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick share in the sack. "when we wake up we're going to have coffee, it's going to be great. i'm going to use the yellow cup," sarah says. go on with your bad self, girlie.

never fear, those tiny breasts are real! kate beckinsale's agent has emphatically denied reports that she has tit implants.

jake gyllenhaal is totally participating in the great american beard-off.

those engagement rumors swirling around hot couples, jude law and sienna miller and kate bosworth and orlando bloom are complete crap their reps say. damn, i was hoping for a double wedding.