Monday, October 25, 2004

as you've probably already noticed, i'm back from my trip to tennessee where i did not drink jack daniel's and my man did not eat bbq. we did learn the true meaning of "git 'r' done", though. in case you, my faithful readers, were not resourceful enough to find your own gossip last week, here's a round-up of some of last week's most thought-provoking stories.

  • an over-worked scarlett johansson had her tonsils removed. jared leto bought her truckloads of ice cream.

  • bryan singer finally put to rest months of speculation by casting a relative unknown as the new superman.

  • duh. the picture britney spears used for the cover of her greatest hits cd packaging uses an old body shot with a new face shot. i mean, it's so obviously pre-cheetos.
  • nicky hilton wants to follow-up her las vegas annulment by opening a las vegas hotel. (paris plans on opening club paris in sin city and a paris suite in the aladdin hotel. said the elder hilton, "las vegas is hot, planet hollywood is hot and i wanted to be part of the newest, hottest resort in las vegas.")

  • ashley olsen is a slob. at least mary-kate thinks so. maybe that's why she's escaped to la.
  • john travolta and kelly preston are under heavy security after receiving unspecified threats. apparently people still haven't gotten over battlefield earth and view from the top.

  • renee zellweger has pulled the plug on her janis joplin biopic indefinitely, citing poor scripts. luckily, the pink version is still in the works. i can't think of anything that better says "oscar" than pink singing "bobby mcgee". she gave such a heart-wrenching performance in the video for "don't let me get me".
  • colin farrell has admitted to smoking and liking heroin. who hasn't? (the proprietor of britpoppa has never smoked, snorted, shot or otherwise ingested smack, nor does she endorse such behavior. freebasing, however, is an entirely different matter altogether, which she thinks is a-okay.)

    finally, everyone light a candle for lindsay lohan, who may currently be hospitalized with a severe fever.