Friday, October 29, 2004

and now for some updates from your favorite blogger's lunch hour at the mall.

border's white flint does not yet have season one of the oc. what they did have was the latest issue of interview magazine, noteworthy because it features a "story" on the reason it is cool to name-drop vassar again, jessi klein (thus merging together two of my old stomping grounds). for those of you not in the know, klein is the sexiest regular on "best week ever" (if you don't count paul scheer). the interview feature is skimpy on the text, but boasts two large spankworthy photos for those of you who have imagined yourself tearing one of those dowdy sweaters right off the 29-year-old comedy central exec (i know you're out there).

meanwhile, celine dion provides all you bulimic britpoppa readers plenty of excuses to barf with her latest effort. according to her website, "miracle is is a unique collaboration between celine dion and anne geddes that inspires a unique combination of images and music celebrating the bond of love between a mother and her baby." if the box set hadn't almost made me blow chunks when i saw it 20 minutes ago, i certainly would have done so after reading that. wow.