Wednesday, September 15, 2004

when in the states, minnie driver lives in a trailer.

britney and kevin are getting personalized tracksuits to wear at their wedding rehearsals. britney's says "mrs. federline" and kevin's says, i shit you not, "the pimp".

maybe ultragrrrl was right about avril and sum 41's deryck whibley being engaged. i mean, if the brits report it, it has to be true. they also reveal that avril was one of fred durst's many (thora birch, britney spears, paris hilton, et al.) slightly pedophiliac attempted conquests.

hillary duff complains to blender that lindsay lohan spreads rumors about her. boo hoo. go home and cry into your 350-thread count pillowcase.

tyra banks is looking to be america's next top talk show host.

carolyn bessette-kennedy's ex-lover michael bergin joins tracey gold in the list of "celebs" recently charged with dui.

classy vincent gallo unsuccessfully tried to pick up a married woman at the zac posen show.

are nicky and the todd-meister having trouble with their new marriage? the littlest hilton sister recently ditched her hubby at a club.

anna wintour is using three ex-navy seals as bodyguards during fashion week. she claims that they are to protect her from autograph-seekers. who the fuck wants anna wintour's autograph?