Monday, September 13, 2004

via defamer:
  • frankie muniz loves to fuck girls.
  • gwyneth calls jessica simpson a "postmodern donna reed."
  • britney may or may not be bankrolling a vegas bachelor party for k. feds and jason alexander did love the tart.

    the daily star claims brit will be having her own "hen party" at her house. the reported bachelorette fete will cost about $90k.

    gwen stefani's solo debut features (surprise, surprise) linda perry (via

    my dreamboat, martin scorsese has been sued over his avoidance to take a medical exam. producers of his film, silence wanted to insure him in case the movie is never made as a result of his health.

    poor ally hilfiger, she couldn't get into her daddy's party and had to be escorted by fellow pcs alum, mischa barton.

    catherine z-j douglas has had a lot to fear lately. in addition to her recently deemed sane stalker, she survived an attempted kidnapping in mexico. perhaps the kidnappers were trying to do us all a favor by trying to halt the certainly terrible zorro 2.

    madonna fans are lamenting the fact that her cbs concert has been cancelled. madge wanted the affair to run commercial-free, but viacom heads did not go along with the idea.

    posh has been taking out her raging pregnancy hormones on becks. she has been dissing him on everything from his looks to his ability on the field. sources say she thinks herself more high class than her heavily-tattooed hubby, but officially they are claiming that they have no problems in the relationship.

    robbie williams was offered $1 million for hugh jackman's "boy from oz" role, but turned it down because he didn't want to fuel the gay rumors constantly surrounding him.

    from imdb:
  • is kirsten hooking up with her virgin suicides co-star, josh hartnett? they have been spotted "necking" at la's fenix club.
  • noah wyle has decided to leave "er". i learn that "er" is still on the air.
  • in the world of neverending james bond speculation, mi:2 star dougray scott is rumored to have the role.