Wednesday, September 29, 2004

poor leo should have popped the question. i scored the first pic (from of his brazilian babe giselle out with josh hartnett.

in a premise that will have you begging for the return of "cop rock", fox is working on a pilot for a bare naked ladies variety show. sometimes they're funny on "i love the '80s", but, come on. joining bnl in bizarre tv world are a reverse "will and grace" sitcom starring melissa etheridge and a rosemary's baby miniseries.

according to britney, "kevin took out a loan to contribute towards the wedding and so he could buy me my band." oh okay, maybe that explains the white trash buffet theme.

gosh dern it. dolly parton is having her most famous assets reduced. am i stupid because i didn't realize they were implants?

ashlee simpson will make her feature film debut in a wimbledon for the hollywood set. she will play a young actress who inspires an older musician to live his dream. barf. let's hope she ditches the elvira look.

last night's "gilmore girls" isn't the only evidence of the industry's love of the da vinci code. imdb says russell crowe, george clooney, tom hanks and hugh jackman are all vying for the lead role in the ron howard-directed film version. the movie database also says that ashton kutcher has signed on for three more seasons of "punk'd".

jane carter, nick and aaron's mom, claims her elder son never beat up paris hilton. she also states that aaron had a sleepover at michael jackson's house, but there was no monkey business. of course not, he was 15 at the time. he did get a bentley out of the deal, though.

i join eric mccormack in his sorrow. the "will and grace" star's hopes of becomming an easy listening sensation have been halted by poor soundtrack sales.