Thursday, September 09, 2004

the nicole kidman-bashing edition.
  • nic was booed at the venetian premiere of birth, perhaps because of the pedophilia undertones?
  • she was also bashed by her mother in the film, lauren bacall, who said she is a mere beginner, not a legend.
  • finally, the former mrs. cruise has had to rubbish reports that she is suffering from osteoporosis.

    will harrison ford's follow up to 2003's classic hollywood homicide be a james cameron film in 3-d?

    "welcome to the house of dereon." beyonce names her new clothing line after her grandmother, promises "couture. kick. soul." whatever that means.

    all you julia salinger fans out there, neve campbell goes naked and pleasure herself in her new film. what would bailey think?

    good new and bad news for celebrity wedding enthusiasts. first, the good news. november should be a busy month for them. it's long been thought that britney and k-dog would wed at the end of that month and now it seems demi and ashton's nuptials will be taking place then as well. and now for the bad news. the wedding plans of katie holmes and chris klein may have hit a snag. the two got into a fierce fight in a los angeles restaurant and ms. holmes began to cry. this might be your big chance with joey potter, kittytext.

    tom cruise continues to be unlucky in love. he was recently turned down for a date by olympic gold medalist kelly holmes. she chose not to attend the london premiere of collateral because she was busy and had nothing to wear (via defamer).

    in other olympic athlete love life news (oalln), michael phelps has eyes for more than just lindsay lohan, he was spotted at suede asking for jenna bush's number.

    jennifer lopez's former makeup artist, scott barnes is refuting claims that he was fired. he says he quit because he was never paid to make over all of her relatives at her wedding.