Thursday, September 16, 2004

last night i saw a screening of i huckabees. the director, david o. russell was there and so was jason schwartzman. the movie was kind of silly, not all that great, but there was one pretty good jesus joke made by mark wahlberg. anyway, jason schwartzman is so short. i couldn't get over it. he also had a pretty rad bowl haircut. i wished i'd had a camera phone. david o. russell is pretty shy so jason did most of the talking. dude watches too much ali g. he kept saying "respect". he's a good public speaker, though, if longwinded, and was very gracious to the people who were autograph-hounding him.

hmm, speaking of jason schwartzman, his mother and i heart huckabees co-star talia shire was present for the passing of johnny ramone. so were eddie vedder, vincent gallo, rob zombie and lisa marie presley. bizarre (via stereogum).

rush & molloy's scoops:
  • lenny kravitz hasn't settled down with paris hilton just yet. he's been spotted around nyc with usher's rumored love interest and his vma co-performer, alicia keys.
  • paris and nicole are trying to land capitol hill intern gigs for "simple life 3", but are having trouble finding willing senators.
  • jack nicholson may be trying to make a move on moss. he took kate moss home from spice market the other night.
  • madonna's visit to israel is being protested.

    tara reid is showing j.c. penney who's boss. she requested two luxury hotel rooms from the department store chain when she acted as "celebrity witness" for some weddings that were held there. she also ditched a cocktail party in conjunction with the event and threw a hissy fit when her car was not ready for her. penney's isn't the only j.c. tara has fucked. she used to date nsync's j.c. chasez.

    everyone else is reporting it, so i guess i have to as well. lynne spears has come to her daughter's defense with regards to her trashy image as of late. the a mother's gift co-author made excuses for everything from britney's thong-baring skirts to her barefoot bathroom breaks.

    watch out, moesha. here comes mariah. ms. carey may star in her own upn sitcom. awesome.

    did you know ashanti and nelly are dating? because i didn't.

    poor jessica simpson. she was ignored by photographers at the oscar de la renta show in favor of the olsen twins. the olsens weren't getting all love during fashion week, however. popbitch reports that ashley was left in tears after calvin klein rep called her fat.

    p-bitch also says that joss whedon will be taking over x-men 3 from bryan singer (much to ian mckellen's delight, i'm sure) and that kevin smith is being tapped to direct a show called "the adventures of luke skywalker".

    carnie wilson is having a baby.