Friday, September 17, 2004

justin's right on, work totally sucks. and sometimes relationships can be hard work. maybe that's why the mirror is spreading defamer's rumor that jt has split with cameron d.

ashley olsen had a blonde moment at nyu recently when she spent 45 minutes in a philosophy course taught in french before she realized it was the wrong class. maybe she is channeling jessica simpson (via gawker).

aerosmith video alum, edward furlong was arrested for trying to free lobsters from a supermarket tank. the intoxicated pet sematary II star spun around while kentucky police officers tried to frisk him.

page six reports that avril lavigne is not engaged to boyfriend deryck whibley. perhaps "the reason" he has not proposed is that avril has been making out with hoobastank frontman, doug robb. christina aguilera and paris hilton are also no strangers to avril's black lipstick-covered lips.

charlie sheen found a class act in wife denise richards. she is posing in the december issue of playboy and gave up breastfeeding their new baby so she can get drunk.

britney is hoping to get knocked up on her wedding night. but shouldn't a good louisiana girl already be knocked up on her wedding night?

taking cues from p. dids's annual white party in the hamptons, madonna requires all those around her in israel to wear white. in addition, journalists are not allowed to bring any writing utensils to her press conference.