Friday, September 10, 2004

j-lo might be quoting some circa 1997 sublime lyrics when her makeup artist leaks the story that she has been using a faith healer to put hexes on those who upset her. the alleged healer, merle gonzalez, does indeed practice santeria.

two defamer amazing dog sightings, one walks on two legs and the other shoots a man in self defense (this is so sad).

i guess bisquick beckham is going to be a boy. beckham's just full of those y chromosomes.

diddy's having some trouble with his baby mama, she just asked for an additional $35,000 a month child support for their son, justin (the namesake of his justin's restaurant in nyc). umm, i don't make $35,000 a year.

the kenneth lonnergan play, "this is our youth", has opened in toronto to horrendous reviews for its star, jason lewis. i guess despite woody harrelson's unquestionably excellent directing, jason has proved he's no smith jerrod. the play's london run featured such diverse talent as jake gyllenhaal, matt damon and anna paquin.

imdb news:
  • john ritter's family is suing the doctors at st. joseph's medical center because they believe the center's misdiagnosis cost the "three's company" star his life.
  • harrison ford is slimming down for his 3-d debut because he is afraid of looking too chubby.
  • hooray! kirsten dunst wants to get back together with jake gyllenhaal (someday). she's been quoted as saying, "i don't think this is the end of the story...jake was the love of my life - he was, is and always will be." my prayers have been answered. i mean kate bosworth and orlando bloom just don't cut it for me.