Thursday, September 30, 2004

the itty bittiest kitty in the world

word must have gotten out about my awesome brunette post the other day. "best week ever" and britain's hello magazine both have done pieces on the hot new trend in tresses. i'm such a trendsetter.

ashley olsen is so happy with her 30-something boyfriend scott sartiano that she's said she's willing to issue a statement that they're together and he's a great guy.

jay-z is going to have to be very gentle with his girl for a while. beyonce tore her right hamstring while dancing with destiny's child. don't worry, though. she's a survivor.

in his interview with a detective, kobe bryant claimed that shaq bribes his extra-marital conquest to keep quiet. shaq says the claim is ludicrous. to read about kobe's predilection for facials, click here.

paris hilton's new sex tape shows her using the "n" word. maybe she thinks racism is hottt.

jenjamin is really moving quickly. ben affleck has recently met with gal pal jennifer garner's folks in west virginia.

usher sure gets around. between alicia keys and naomi campbell, he's also been making time for former flame, tlc's chili.

madonna is planning on taking english lit at oxford. those prestigious british universities, they're such starfuckers.