Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow last night. it was cute. if you like that sort of thing, you should check it out. besides, it's the last time you'll see gwyneth paltrow for a while. also, check out the power out by electrelane. it's pretty good (just like krispy pops).

ultragrrrl asks, is avril engaged to paris's ex? this would be especially strange since apparently she was making out with the elder hilton sister during fashion week.

winona ryder is breaking the law again. this time on screen. she'll be playing an actress who eats life-changing pot brownies in her next role.

and everyone thought carol was the good seaver. defamer points us to the smoking gun's report of tracey gold's dui charge. don't miss the tear-filled mugshot. another '80s sitcom star, robin givens of "head of the class", was also in a legal mess over her driving. charges were dropped after she ran over an old lady's foot.

aww, even footballers have feelings. david beckham was caught weeping on his son's first day of school.

adorable gorilla alert!

i guess barry manilow isn't as gay as he seems. a (female) ex-lover of his has said that the "mandy" singer is blessed with an enormous schlong.

imdb news:
  • jason alexander thought that he and britney would stay "boyfriend and girlfriend" after the annulment. i guess he is as dumb as he looks.
  • someone has finally acknowledged that mary louise parker was not the only scorned lover in the billy crudup/claire danes affair. poor ben lee was totally shit on too.
  • kevin spacey is fond of spray-on hair.

    lenny kravitz got his wish. he was seen kissing paris hilton at marquee. also making out were jc chasez and sky captain star, bai ling.

    it was good old dusty hoffman who set up zooey deschanel and jason schwartzman. it's important that hollywood offspring beget more hollywood offspring.

    foxy brown finally got what she deserved after making trouble all over nyc lately. the "rapper" was punched and robbed at a club on sunday.

    oprah gave everyone in the audience for her season opener a car.

    paris and nicky and their bratty friend bijou phillips tricked the make-up artists and hair stylists at the lacoste show into free makeovers. nicely done, tramps.

    vincent cassel and mary magdelene, i mean monica bellucci, had a baby girl.

    it has finally been confirmed after months of speculation that jessica simpson will play daisy dukes in the dukes of hazzard film. the role was originally rumored to be intended for britney spears. simpson joins stifler and jackass, johnny knoxville in the film.