Monday, September 13, 2004

i know that you have been wondering all weekend who this little fellow is. the answer: he is nohohon and he is my friend. nohohon is a japanese toy from the tomy company and i discovered him in target (much like christopher who also became enchanted with him and started a photoblog about him and his adventures). nohohon, japanese for "without a care" and also referred to as hidamari no tami ("sunny people"), run on "solar power" and bob their heads in a relaxing, reassuring manner without need for batteries. i believe that anyone who lays their eyes on one of these guys will indeed be mesmerized. if the characters have already intrigued you, visit for a look at a wide assortment of them or to learn more about them. if you are not intrigued, you need only visit your local target and see them in action for it to happen to you too.