Thursday, September 02, 2004

i just got back from a ride around the block in my dad's new mercedes sl 500. it was so hottt. i can't wait until i get mine for my birthday next month. nah, that's all complete bullshit but i did just ride around the block in one of these babies. it was my dad's boss', though. this thing costs four times my salary.

thank goodness for the brits. popbitch's informant gives a look into travis from blink 182's after-hours hobbies. warning: this gets graphic.
"My mate used to be a tranny club kid in LA when he was about 19, three or four years ago. One night he and his two tranny mates (we're not talking high class realness here either)picked up Travis from Blink 182. They went back to his(rather normal looking) apartment and did coke and smoked crystal all night and started doing tricks to amuse him while giving him blowjobs...
Travis' favourite trick was to see one of the club kids bending over backwards with blueberries jammed in his asshole, while the other two ate them."

thanks to this interview with scott of stereogum fame, i have christopher cross' "sailing" in my head.