Tuesday, September 07, 2004

i guess jordan catalano wasn't enough man for hollywood's newest princess. scarlett johansson has been seen out in london with a prince.

last week's report that hugh jackman was a kabbalist was "a load of absolute rubbish."

sandra bullock used her contract's script approval clause, dropping out of the romantic comedy prime.

elisha cuthbert will not be in the fourth season of "24" because the newly-engaged actress wishes to pursue her film career. with a "classic" like the girl next door already in the bag, she's sure to have a long career (read with extreme sarcasm).

looks like jamiroquai's jay kay will have to try "traveling without moving", his driver's license has been suspended for six months for speeding.

liz hurley may be becoming a hot mama for the second time.

sharon osbourne has put her foot in her mouth again. she called nicole kidman a "skinny cow". isn't that an oxymoron? she also suggested the oz actress have a sandwich.

there may be an all out reality tv star war on the way. victoria gotti is totally peeved that paris hilton snubbed her and her son carmine at a club recently. i think a gotti-hilton catfight could be a big winner for pay-per-view.

beyonce's 23rd birthday party got shut down by the cops. it must have been "jumpin".