Tuesday, September 21, 2004

don't forget to get your beard on. midnight marks the beginning of the great american beard-off and the first day of the rest of your lives.

amazing dress alert! kirsten dunst and jennifer connelly wore two of the most beautiful dresses that i have seen in years to the london premiere of wimbledon. if i had either of these i would wear them every day. even to bed. i'm just wondering, why didn't they look this good at the stateside premiere? is kirsten planning a gwyneth style getaway? see kirsten's frock here and jennifer's here.

david schwimmer wants to make it very clear that he does not do charity in exchange for rolexes.

i have good news and bad news. the good news: tatu is coming back. the bad news: they're no longer lesbians (via stereogum).

justin timberlake hopes to join quentin tarantino and ashanti in the muppets wizard of oz movie.

more britney news: she's spent the last 48 hours in bed with her new husband in grace kelly's old suite at the bel air hotel and flipped out at a bodyguard who dared to disturb her attempts at baby-making. the whole shindig was carried off without too much interference because of a fake invitation sent out last week claiming the wedding would take place on october 16. unfortunately, britney was refused use of kevin's daughter kori as a flower girl because shar jackson claimed the pop star's very public outings with the child has made her a "kidnapping target". meanwhile, fellow former mousketeer, chrisina aguilera has called the wedding trashy and low rent. perhaps she is upset because she was not invited to the "pathetic" event.

poor gwynnie. her husband is losing his hair over the new coldplay record. imagine what will happen when apple starts dating.

a gawker stalker claims to have seen kate beckinsale walk off in a pair of manolos without paying.

lindsay lohan is set to star in the movie of plum sykes's pathetic bergdorf blondes. i expected more from the busty friend of fez.

"the apprentice's" fiesty stacie j. is in hot water with nbc. she's been giving out scoops on the show. trump may also be breaking the rules by chatting with pat o'brien, rather than exclusively to billy bush.