Monday, September 20, 2004

britney's wedding edition

if you were living in oblivion this weekend, like i was, perhaps you don't know that a brown-haired britney spears and kevin federline got married. the five-minute wedding ceremony took place in studio city on saturday (surprising even brit's mom) and was followed up by clubbing at dublin's (where justin timberlake enjoyed his trailer park birthday a couple of years ago). for some reason, kevin's wedding band is fully iced while britney's is not.

guests of the wedding were relatively shafted, having to pay for their own drinks and receiving gift bags containing gap jeans (come on, you guys can afford diesel) and a cheesy keychain. members of the wedding party had matching "the pimps" and "the maids" sweatsuits. however, there is some dispute over whether kevin's said "pimp daddy" and not "the pimp" as earlier reported or whether it was, in fact, kevin's father who sported the "pimp daddy" suit. i say mazel tov and i hope this blessed union brings many "little ones". be sure to visit stereogum for more pictures of this once in a lifetime moment for ms. spears (or is it once every nine months?).

mila kunis's beau has some 'splainin to do. it seems kevin mccallister, aka macaulay culkin, was arrested for pot possession and some other non-prescribed drug in oklahoma city on friday. he's sporting a new raven-haired look in his mugshot.

jude law and sienna miller showed their gracious sides by attending jude's ex-wife, sadie frost's, frost french fashion show in london.

during her j.c. penney celebrity witness stint, tara reid's hair caught on fire. the only thing that smells better on tara reid than burning hair is post liquor-binge barf breath.

oh yeah, some people won some emmys. a lot of them were wearing dresses. wanna look at those dresses?