Tuesday, September 28, 2004

britney's groom isn't alone in his pot smoking. a source told the national enquirer that he sold brit marijuana and ecstasy in kentwood. these potheads better be on their best behavior when the visit the ritchies, though. madonna has invited the newlyweds to her place for a honeymoon romp in place of a wedding present (both items via whatevs.org). that means no alien mask milkshake fights (via stereogum). and here's news that the federline clan is just as classy as the spearses. kevin's dad totally took off his shirt and freaked his new daughter on the dance floor after the wedding.

the big news is conan is going to take on the tonight show in 2009. i wonder if he will still be doing "in the year 2000".

the news that nicole kidman is dating a multi-millionaire from new zealand is less surprising to me than the fact that the two of them went to a boxing match. she doesn't strike me as the type who'd be into that.

coco arquette may be getting a new brother or sister. courteney cox and hubby david are trying to adopt. maybe the couple can go baby shopping with brad and jen.

watch out ephram, ryan's after your girl. the oc's benjamin mckenzie has been spotted out with everwood's emily van camp.

could she really be that dumb? another paris hilton sex tape, this time featuring nick carter and jason shaw, has emerged.

naomi campbell has been "doing it for poppy". the model and failed singer is dating usher.