Thursday, September 23, 2004

britney and kevin know how to get in the mood. they pumped the phil collins the night before their wedding, something that, in addition to "wicked britney" brought tears to mr. federline's eyes. "i started crying," he said, "when I saw her in her little lingerie outfit. she had a CD we like and candles lit all over the room." kevin added that the wedding night itself was "great - all night." and don't worry, they are married, despite "evidence" to the contrary. the couple had to wait to file their papers in order to provide a "grace period" for the pre-nup.

kelis and nas may be getting married this weekend. perhaps the couple of two years were inspired by britney's "low rent" nuptials.

billy bob thornton and his girlfriend are the proud parents of a baby girl, bella. bella bob thornton.

there may be trouble in paradise for the newlyweds. a pal of the couple claims that nick lachey needs some "alone time".

star jones has it all. a gay fiance and a free wedding. at least she's trying to avoid footing the bill. apparently she is asking that potential makeup artists, hairstylists and giftbag goody givers pay for their inclusion in the event. i guess those payless ads she does are true to their name.

tara reid's got jungle fever. she took mekhi phifer home from la's spider club the other night. mekhi famously played the role of the cheating boyfriend in the video for brandy and monica's 1998 hit, "the boy is mine".

capeside fans rejoice! katie holmes says there may be a "dawson's creek" reunion movie someday.

salma hayek is single again. she and josh lucas called it quits three months ago.

imdb says, macaulay culkin was in oklahoma city because he was driving his bulldog across the country. he didn't want to have to crate the little guy for a flight. come on, oklahoma cops, that's so sweet. you should really drop the drug charges. also, kirsten dunst is pissed about all the famous athletes overshadowing her at the wimbledon premieres.