Wednesday, September 22, 2004

the beckhams may sue news of the world over allegations that their relationship is near over. david says, "there is no way in the world we will ever split up." that's a pretty strong statement. i wonder if he'd care to make a wager.

huh. k. feds is a pot head. he could have used a puff to settle the stomach friday night when he puked in a club bathroom after presenting britney with a necklace worth $10k.

nobody likes her, everybody hates her, guess kim cattrall is going to go eat some worms. she was totally dissed by the cast and crew of satc at the emmys.

thank god. the fonz has approved fonzworth bentley's name change. he also claims that he and diddy are bros.

cammie diaz needs to keep her man in check. jt has been seen all over la with a hot brunette named monica. monica lewinsky declined to comment, but did say "justin likes a little more junk in the trunk."

kevin costner may marry on saturday. his future wife is typically young and "blonde".

it's a wild world, alright. cat stevens was refused entry into the us because he is on a "watch list".