Friday, September 03, 2004

apparently ashley olsen has moved on from ex-beau and columbia university quarterback matt kaplan in a big way. she has been seen all over nyc with ex-vassar girl anne hathaway's ex-boyfriend, scott sartiano, 30. he was introduced to the girls by their uncle jesse, john stamos. now those would be some wild, cradle-robbing threesomes, if you ask me.

while britney's love for kabbalah is still going strong, hugh jackman appears to be its latest celebrity convert, planning to join madonna for a trek to israel for rosh hashanah.

move over hillary duff and mk&a, nicky hilton is encroaching on your territory. the newly-wedded heiress is starting a new junior's clothing line, chick, much to the delight of japanese school girls everywhere.

i guess when mark mcgrath sang, "all the favorite TV shows have gone out the window", he wasn't talking about "extra". the sugar ray front man now has his "dream job", co-anchor to the program's dayna devon. i guess the position of "rock star" didn't live up to his expectations.

all you aeon flux fans have reason to mourn this morning, the movie has been halted indefinitely while charlize theron tends to her injured neck. but i think aeon flux fans should cry over something more important than the possible loss of the film, the loss of their sanity. that show was dumb.