Monday, September 27, 2004

50 cent will follow eminem's lead by starring in a semi-autobiographical film.

sinead o'connor really wants you to stop making fun of her. come on, guys. quit it (via stereogum).

shaggy is a renowned party crasher. one club owner said, "we've been training the staff in shaggy-spotting, shaggy-surveillance, and shaggy-removal." when asked about his antics, the singer simply replied, "it wasn't me."

camera-shy aimee osbourne has been spotted out with robbie williams. the elder sibling of jack and kelly was seen rubbing williams's chest in a la restaurant.

joaquin phoenix had a freak out on the set of the johnny cash bio pic he's working on with reese witherspoon. the filming of a scene about the death of johnny's brother may have reminded him of his own brother's tragic death.

don't they have anything better to do? the egyptian government has banned madonna from entering their country.

lisa snowdon suspects her reunion with george clooney will not last. she claims their constant separation is the reason.

read this to find out how to make usher say, "do it for poppy."

gisele may have dumped leo. the model has been seen canoodling with josh hartnett and may be attempting to dump her over the hill "growing pains" alum boyfriend before her guaranteed hit film, "taxi" comes out october 8th.

ashlee simpson was groped in a london strip club recently. the groper just wanted to feel all the "pieces of" the young songstress.

britney may have a little one on the way after all. let's hope the bun in the oven likes cheetos (also via stereogum).

more proof that lindsay lohan's dad is totally skeezy: he asked to watch a vh1 special of his daughter while gawking at strippers at nyc titty bar, scores. later, the belligerent papa was removed from the club.