Thursday, September 30, 2004

the itty bittiest kitty in the world

word must have gotten out about my awesome brunette post the other day. "best week ever" and britain's hello magazine both have done pieces on the hot new trend in tresses. i'm such a trendsetter.

ashley olsen is so happy with her 30-something boyfriend scott sartiano that she's said she's willing to issue a statement that they're together and he's a great guy.

jay-z is going to have to be very gentle with his girl for a while. beyonce tore her right hamstring while dancing with destiny's child. don't worry, though. she's a survivor.

in his interview with a detective, kobe bryant claimed that shaq bribes his extra-marital conquest to keep quiet. shaq says the claim is ludicrous. to read about kobe's predilection for facials, click here.

paris hilton's new sex tape shows her using the "n" word. maybe she thinks racism is hottt.

jenjamin is really moving quickly. ben affleck has recently met with gal pal jennifer garner's folks in west virginia.

usher sure gets around. between alicia keys and naomi campbell, he's also been making time for former flame, tlc's chili.

madonna is planning on taking english lit at oxford. those prestigious british universities, they're such starfuckers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

poor leo should have popped the question. i scored the first pic (from of his brazilian babe giselle out with josh hartnett.

in a premise that will have you begging for the return of "cop rock", fox is working on a pilot for a bare naked ladies variety show. sometimes they're funny on "i love the '80s", but, come on. joining bnl in bizarre tv world are a reverse "will and grace" sitcom starring melissa etheridge and a rosemary's baby miniseries.

according to britney, "kevin took out a loan to contribute towards the wedding and so he could buy me my band." oh okay, maybe that explains the white trash buffet theme.

gosh dern it. dolly parton is having her most famous assets reduced. am i stupid because i didn't realize they were implants?

ashlee simpson will make her feature film debut in a wimbledon for the hollywood set. she will play a young actress who inspires an older musician to live his dream. barf. let's hope she ditches the elvira look.

last night's "gilmore girls" isn't the only evidence of the industry's love of the da vinci code. imdb says russell crowe, george clooney, tom hanks and hugh jackman are all vying for the lead role in the ron howard-directed film version. the movie database also says that ashton kutcher has signed on for three more seasons of "punk'd".

jane carter, nick and aaron's mom, claims her elder son never beat up paris hilton. she also states that aaron had a sleepover at michael jackson's house, but there was no monkey business. of course not, he was 15 at the time. he did get a bentley out of the deal, though.

i join eric mccormack in his sorrow. the "will and grace" star's hopes of becomming an easy listening sensation have been halted by poor soundtrack sales.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

there's something about brunettes

in honor of the latest ladies to shed their bleached blonde tresses (britney, reese, renee, et al.), i bring you photographic evidence of why everyone should be a brunette.

britney's groom isn't alone in his pot smoking. a source told the national enquirer that he sold brit marijuana and ecstasy in kentwood. these potheads better be on their best behavior when the visit the ritchies, though. madonna has invited the newlyweds to her place for a honeymoon romp in place of a wedding present (both items via that means no alien mask milkshake fights (via stereogum). and here's news that the federline clan is just as classy as the spearses. kevin's dad totally took off his shirt and freaked his new daughter on the dance floor after the wedding.

the big news is conan is going to take on the tonight show in 2009. i wonder if he will still be doing "in the year 2000".

the news that nicole kidman is dating a multi-millionaire from new zealand is less surprising to me than the fact that the two of them went to a boxing match. she doesn't strike me as the type who'd be into that.

coco arquette may be getting a new brother or sister. courteney cox and hubby david are trying to adopt. maybe the couple can go baby shopping with brad and jen.

watch out ephram, ryan's after your girl. the oc's benjamin mckenzie has been spotted out with everwood's emily van camp.

could she really be that dumb? another paris hilton sex tape, this time featuring nick carter and jason shaw, has emerged.

naomi campbell has been "doing it for poppy". the model and failed singer is dating usher.

Monday, September 27, 2004

this is why tivo was invented. michael ian black is guest hosting the late late show on cbs tonight. tv guide interviewed him about his new position.
50 cent will follow eminem's lead by starring in a semi-autobiographical film.

sinead o'connor really wants you to stop making fun of her. come on, guys. quit it (via stereogum).

shaggy is a renowned party crasher. one club owner said, "we've been training the staff in shaggy-spotting, shaggy-surveillance, and shaggy-removal." when asked about his antics, the singer simply replied, "it wasn't me."

camera-shy aimee osbourne has been spotted out with robbie williams. the elder sibling of jack and kelly was seen rubbing williams's chest in a la restaurant.

joaquin phoenix had a freak out on the set of the johnny cash bio pic he's working on with reese witherspoon. the filming of a scene about the death of johnny's brother may have reminded him of his own brother's tragic death.

don't they have anything better to do? the egyptian government has banned madonna from entering their country.

lisa snowdon suspects her reunion with george clooney will not last. she claims their constant separation is the reason.

read this to find out how to make usher say, "do it for poppy."

gisele may have dumped leo. the model has been seen canoodling with josh hartnett and may be attempting to dump her over the hill "growing pains" alum boyfriend before her guaranteed hit film, "taxi" comes out october 8th.

ashlee simpson was groped in a london strip club recently. the groper just wanted to feel all the "pieces of" the young songstress.

britney may have a little one on the way after all. let's hope the bun in the oven likes cheetos (also via stereogum).

more proof that lindsay lohan's dad is totally skeezy: he asked to watch a vh1 special of his daughter while gawking at strippers at nyc titty bar, scores. later, the belligerent papa was removed from the club.

Friday, September 24, 2004

jennifer lopez has finally admitted she married marc anthony. it's only been three months.

here's proof that you should always listen to gawker when they have a scoop. ny daily news "breaks" a story that cynthia nixon has gone lesbian.

the view's elizabeth hasselbeck, host of "the look for less" and survivor australia alum, is pregnant with her first child. the father is redskins' tim hasselbeck.

elton john thinks taiwanese photographers are "rude, vile pigs".

david schwimmer leaves no stone unturned is his quest for his real life rachel. he's been trying to pick up his ex's friends and colleagues.

in a possible attempt to get ya'll to leave her alone, britney and kevin have returned to kentwood. she is quoted in people magazine as saying,
"i'm really upset that somebody someplace decides to write a false headline about a special day that i've dreamed about since i was a little girl."

gwyneth's no stranger to the girdle. she used the classic device to hold her baby weight in at recent public appearances.

maybe indy should pay less attention to ally and more to his son. harrison ford's 17-year-old boy is in rehab for marijuana "addiction".

Thursday, September 23, 2004

britney and kevin know how to get in the mood. they pumped the phil collins the night before their wedding, something that, in addition to "wicked britney" brought tears to mr. federline's eyes. "i started crying," he said, "when I saw her in her little lingerie outfit. she had a CD we like and candles lit all over the room." kevin added that the wedding night itself was "great - all night." and don't worry, they are married, despite "evidence" to the contrary. the couple had to wait to file their papers in order to provide a "grace period" for the pre-nup.

kelis and nas may be getting married this weekend. perhaps the couple of two years were inspired by britney's "low rent" nuptials.

billy bob thornton and his girlfriend are the proud parents of a baby girl, bella. bella bob thornton.

there may be trouble in paradise for the newlyweds. a pal of the couple claims that nick lachey needs some "alone time".

star jones has it all. a gay fiance and a free wedding. at least she's trying to avoid footing the bill. apparently she is asking that potential makeup artists, hairstylists and giftbag goody givers pay for their inclusion in the event. i guess those payless ads she does are true to their name.

tara reid's got jungle fever. she took mekhi phifer home from la's spider club the other night. mekhi famously played the role of the cheating boyfriend in the video for brandy and monica's 1998 hit, "the boy is mine".

capeside fans rejoice! katie holmes says there may be a "dawson's creek" reunion movie someday.

salma hayek is single again. she and josh lucas called it quits three months ago.

imdb says, macaulay culkin was in oklahoma city because he was driving his bulldog across the country. he didn't want to have to crate the little guy for a flight. come on, oklahoma cops, that's so sweet. you should really drop the drug charges. also, kirsten dunst is pissed about all the famous athletes overshadowing her at the wimbledon premieres.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

BIG DEVELOPING NEWS: britney's not legally married yet due to some sort of snafu in her plans. how could someone as mensa-qualified as britney spears not have well thought out wedding plans? (via gawker)
in a blow to big-breasted aspiring actresses all over hollywood, russ meyer died in his home on saturday, his spokeswoman said. they'll be okay, though, studios love casting no talent busty babes. just look at jessica simpson.
the beckhams may sue news of the world over allegations that their relationship is near over. david says, "there is no way in the world we will ever split up." that's a pretty strong statement. i wonder if he'd care to make a wager.

huh. k. feds is a pot head. he could have used a puff to settle the stomach friday night when he puked in a club bathroom after presenting britney with a necklace worth $10k.

nobody likes her, everybody hates her, guess kim cattrall is going to go eat some worms. she was totally dissed by the cast and crew of satc at the emmys.

thank god. the fonz has approved fonzworth bentley's name change. he also claims that he and diddy are bros.

cammie diaz needs to keep her man in check. jt has been seen all over la with a hot brunette named monica. monica lewinsky declined to comment, but did say "justin likes a little more junk in the trunk."

kevin costner may marry on saturday. his future wife is typically young and "blonde".

it's a wild world, alright. cat stevens was refused entry into the us because he is on a "watch list".

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

don't forget to get your beard on. midnight marks the beginning of the great american beard-off and the first day of the rest of your lives.

amazing dress alert! kirsten dunst and jennifer connelly wore two of the most beautiful dresses that i have seen in years to the london premiere of wimbledon. if i had either of these i would wear them every day. even to bed. i'm just wondering, why didn't they look this good at the stateside premiere? is kirsten planning a gwyneth style getaway? see kirsten's frock here and jennifer's here.

david schwimmer wants to make it very clear that he does not do charity in exchange for rolexes.

i have good news and bad news. the good news: tatu is coming back. the bad news: they're no longer lesbians (via stereogum).

justin timberlake hopes to join quentin tarantino and ashanti in the muppets wizard of oz movie.

more britney news: she's spent the last 48 hours in bed with her new husband in grace kelly's old suite at the bel air hotel and flipped out at a bodyguard who dared to disturb her attempts at baby-making. the whole shindig was carried off without too much interference because of a fake invitation sent out last week claiming the wedding would take place on october 16. unfortunately, britney was refused use of kevin's daughter kori as a flower girl because shar jackson claimed the pop star's very public outings with the child has made her a "kidnapping target". meanwhile, fellow former mousketeer, chrisina aguilera has called the wedding trashy and low rent. perhaps she is upset because she was not invited to the "pathetic" event.

poor gwynnie. her husband is losing his hair over the new coldplay record. imagine what will happen when apple starts dating.

a gawker stalker claims to have seen kate beckinsale walk off in a pair of manolos without paying.

lindsay lohan is set to star in the movie of plum sykes's pathetic bergdorf blondes. i expected more from the busty friend of fez.

"the apprentice's" fiesty stacie j. is in hot water with nbc. she's been giving out scoops on the show. trump may also be breaking the rules by chatting with pat o'brien, rather than exclusively to billy bush.

Monday, September 20, 2004

britney's wedding edition

if you were living in oblivion this weekend, like i was, perhaps you don't know that a brown-haired britney spears and kevin federline got married. the five-minute wedding ceremony took place in studio city on saturday (surprising even brit's mom) and was followed up by clubbing at dublin's (where justin timberlake enjoyed his trailer park birthday a couple of years ago). for some reason, kevin's wedding band is fully iced while britney's is not.

guests of the wedding were relatively shafted, having to pay for their own drinks and receiving gift bags containing gap jeans (come on, you guys can afford diesel) and a cheesy keychain. members of the wedding party had matching "the pimps" and "the maids" sweatsuits. however, there is some dispute over whether kevin's said "pimp daddy" and not "the pimp" as earlier reported or whether it was, in fact, kevin's father who sported the "pimp daddy" suit. i say mazel tov and i hope this blessed union brings many "little ones". be sure to visit stereogum for more pictures of this once in a lifetime moment for ms. spears (or is it once every nine months?).

mila kunis's beau has some 'splainin to do. it seems kevin mccallister, aka macaulay culkin, was arrested for pot possession and some other non-prescribed drug in oklahoma city on friday. he's sporting a new raven-haired look in his mugshot.

jude law and sienna miller showed their gracious sides by attending jude's ex-wife, sadie frost's, frost french fashion show in london.

during her j.c. penney celebrity witness stint, tara reid's hair caught on fire. the only thing that smells better on tara reid than burning hair is post liquor-binge barf breath.

oh yeah, some people won some emmys. a lot of them were wearing dresses. wanna look at those dresses?

Friday, September 17, 2004

ben garant and thomas lennon of the state are taking a break from doing nothing and starring in snickers ads, respectively (not to mention reno 911!), to write a screenplay about ping-pong (via defamer). judas and christ, respectively, also co-wrote the jimmy fallon and queen latifah vehicle, taxi. maybe we do have a reason besides cheering j. fal's downfall and the big screen debut of gisele bundchen to go see that movie.
(newly single?) justin timberlake is totally rockin a crazy beard. doesn't he know the great american beard off isn't for another 5 days?

jessica simpson looks so crazed in this photo it's amazing.
justin's right on, work totally sucks. and sometimes relationships can be hard work. maybe that's why the mirror is spreading defamer's rumor that jt has split with cameron d.

ashley olsen had a blonde moment at nyu recently when she spent 45 minutes in a philosophy course taught in french before she realized it was the wrong class. maybe she is channeling jessica simpson (via gawker).

aerosmith video alum, edward furlong was arrested for trying to free lobsters from a supermarket tank. the intoxicated pet sematary II star spun around while kentucky police officers tried to frisk him.

page six reports that avril lavigne is not engaged to boyfriend deryck whibley. perhaps "the reason" he has not proposed is that avril has been making out with hoobastank frontman, doug robb. christina aguilera and paris hilton are also no strangers to avril's black lipstick-covered lips.

charlie sheen found a class act in wife denise richards. she is posing in the december issue of playboy and gave up breastfeeding their new baby so she can get drunk.

britney is hoping to get knocked up on her wedding night. but shouldn't a good louisiana girl already be knocked up on her wedding night?

taking cues from p. dids's annual white party in the hamptons, madonna requires all those around her in israel to wear white. in addition, journalists are not allowed to bring any writing utensils to her press conference.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

last night i saw a screening of i huckabees. the director, david o. russell was there and so was jason schwartzman. the movie was kind of silly, not all that great, but there was one pretty good jesus joke made by mark wahlberg. anyway, jason schwartzman is so short. i couldn't get over it. he also had a pretty rad bowl haircut. i wished i'd had a camera phone. david o. russell is pretty shy so jason did most of the talking. dude watches too much ali g. he kept saying "respect". he's a good public speaker, though, if longwinded, and was very gracious to the people who were autograph-hounding him.

hmm, speaking of jason schwartzman, his mother and i heart huckabees co-star talia shire was present for the passing of johnny ramone. so were eddie vedder, vincent gallo, rob zombie and lisa marie presley. bizarre (via stereogum).

rush & molloy's scoops:
  • lenny kravitz hasn't settled down with paris hilton just yet. he's been spotted around nyc with usher's rumored love interest and his vma co-performer, alicia keys.
  • paris and nicole are trying to land capitol hill intern gigs for "simple life 3", but are having trouble finding willing senators.
  • jack nicholson may be trying to make a move on moss. he took kate moss home from spice market the other night.
  • madonna's visit to israel is being protested.

    tara reid is showing j.c. penney who's boss. she requested two luxury hotel rooms from the department store chain when she acted as "celebrity witness" for some weddings that were held there. she also ditched a cocktail party in conjunction with the event and threw a hissy fit when her car was not ready for her. penney's isn't the only j.c. tara has fucked. she used to date nsync's j.c. chasez.

    everyone else is reporting it, so i guess i have to as well. lynne spears has come to her daughter's defense with regards to her trashy image as of late. the a mother's gift co-author made excuses for everything from britney's thong-baring skirts to her barefoot bathroom breaks.

    watch out, moesha. here comes mariah. ms. carey may star in her own upn sitcom. awesome.

    did you know ashanti and nelly are dating? because i didn't.

    poor jessica simpson. she was ignored by photographers at the oscar de la renta show in favor of the olsen twins. the olsens weren't getting all love during fashion week, however. popbitch reports that ashley was left in tears after calvin klein rep called her fat.

    p-bitch also says that joss whedon will be taking over x-men 3 from bryan singer (much to ian mckellen's delight, i'm sure) and that kevin smith is being tapped to direct a show called "the adventures of luke skywalker".

    carnie wilson is having a baby.
  • Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    defamer calls another ended love affair. they follow up their breaking of the jake/kirsten break-up by claiming justin and cameron have bid each other "adieu".

    d-fame has also freaked my shit out by announcing that a live action/cgi alvin and the chipmunks movie is in development. shudder.

    maybe some of you are a little surprised that i haven't been covering fashion week (which seems like it has been going on forever now). the thing is, this year's utterly banal collections have left me somewhat jaded. even reliable standbys like marc jacobs and proenza schouler have failed to produce much of anything noteworthy. zac posen has continued his downward spiral and doesn't seem to be able to surpass (or even meet) the greatness of his first collection. imitation of christ almost didn't make me want to puke with some nice metallic-accented dresses until i saw the mid-section-baring ragged togas they brought out as a finale. shout-outs to j. mendel, sass and bide, vera wang and james coviello for making things somewhat interesting (i could be missing some other highlights, since i got so bored of wading through garbage). my conclusion, this boho boner that seems to have afflicted all the designers had better end pretty soon.
    when in the states, minnie driver lives in a trailer.

    britney and kevin are getting personalized tracksuits to wear at their wedding rehearsals. britney's says "mrs. federline" and kevin's says, i shit you not, "the pimp".

    maybe ultragrrrl was right about avril and sum 41's deryck whibley being engaged. i mean, if the brits report it, it has to be true. they also reveal that avril was one of fred durst's many (thora birch, britney spears, paris hilton, et al.) slightly pedophiliac attempted conquests.

    hillary duff complains to blender that lindsay lohan spreads rumors about her. boo hoo. go home and cry into your 350-thread count pillowcase.

    tyra banks is looking to be america's next top talk show host.

    carolyn bessette-kennedy's ex-lover michael bergin joins tracey gold in the list of "celebs" recently charged with dui.

    classy vincent gallo unsuccessfully tried to pick up a married woman at the zac posen show.

    are nicky and the todd-meister having trouble with their new marriage? the littlest hilton sister recently ditched her hubby at a club.

    anna wintour is using three ex-navy seals as bodyguards during fashion week. she claims that they are to protect her from autograph-seekers. who the fuck wants anna wintour's autograph?

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    adam brody is going to help his oc producer mcg remake revenge of the nerds. the thing is, adam brody isn't actually that much of a nerd. i mean, seth cohen bagged the hottest chick in newport and hangs with ryan atwood. and for those of you who care, the "g" stands for "ginty".

    i guess alex trebek is kind of an asshole. i mean if paul rust says it, it has to be true.
    i saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow last night. it was cute. if you like that sort of thing, you should check it out. besides, it's the last time you'll see gwyneth paltrow for a while. also, check out the power out by electrelane. it's pretty good (just like krispy pops).

    ultragrrrl asks, is avril engaged to paris's ex? this would be especially strange since apparently she was making out with the elder hilton sister during fashion week.

    winona ryder is breaking the law again. this time on screen. she'll be playing an actress who eats life-changing pot brownies in her next role.

    and everyone thought carol was the good seaver. defamer points us to the smoking gun's report of tracey gold's dui charge. don't miss the tear-filled mugshot. another '80s sitcom star, robin givens of "head of the class", was also in a legal mess over her driving. charges were dropped after she ran over an old lady's foot.

    aww, even footballers have feelings. david beckham was caught weeping on his son's first day of school.

    adorable gorilla alert!

    i guess barry manilow isn't as gay as he seems. a (female) ex-lover of his has said that the "mandy" singer is blessed with an enormous schlong.

    imdb news:
  • jason alexander thought that he and britney would stay "boyfriend and girlfriend" after the annulment. i guess he is as dumb as he looks.
  • someone has finally acknowledged that mary louise parker was not the only scorned lover in the billy crudup/claire danes affair. poor ben lee was totally shit on too.
  • kevin spacey is fond of spray-on hair.

    lenny kravitz got his wish. he was seen kissing paris hilton at marquee. also making out were jc chasez and sky captain star, bai ling.

    it was good old dusty hoffman who set up zooey deschanel and jason schwartzman. it's important that hollywood offspring beget more hollywood offspring.

    foxy brown finally got what she deserved after making trouble all over nyc lately. the "rapper" was punched and robbed at a club on sunday.

    oprah gave everyone in the audience for her season opener a car.

    paris and nicky and their bratty friend bijou phillips tricked the make-up artists and hair stylists at the lacoste show into free makeovers. nicely done, tramps.

    vincent cassel and mary magdelene, i mean monica bellucci, had a baby girl.

    it has finally been confirmed after months of speculation that jessica simpson will play daisy dukes in the dukes of hazzard film. the role was originally rumored to be intended for britney spears. simpson joins stifler and jackass, johnny knoxville in the film.
  • Monday, September 13, 2004

    i know that you have been wondering all weekend who this little fellow is. the answer: he is nohohon and he is my friend. nohohon is a japanese toy from the tomy company and i discovered him in target (much like christopher who also became enchanted with him and started a photoblog about him and his adventures). nohohon, japanese for "without a care" and also referred to as hidamari no tami ("sunny people"), run on "solar power" and bob their heads in a relaxing, reassuring manner without need for batteries. i believe that anyone who lays their eyes on one of these guys will indeed be mesmerized. if the characters have already intrigued you, visit for a look at a wide assortment of them or to learn more about them. if you are not intrigued, you need only visit your local target and see them in action for it to happen to you too.
    via defamer:
  • frankie muniz loves to fuck girls.
  • gwyneth calls jessica simpson a "postmodern donna reed."
  • britney may or may not be bankrolling a vegas bachelor party for k. feds and jason alexander did love the tart.

    the daily star claims brit will be having her own "hen party" at her house. the reported bachelorette fete will cost about $90k.

    gwen stefani's solo debut features (surprise, surprise) linda perry (via

    my dreamboat, martin scorsese has been sued over his avoidance to take a medical exam. producers of his film, silence wanted to insure him in case the movie is never made as a result of his health.

    poor ally hilfiger, she couldn't get into her daddy's party and had to be escorted by fellow pcs alum, mischa barton.

    catherine z-j douglas has had a lot to fear lately. in addition to her recently deemed sane stalker, she survived an attempted kidnapping in mexico. perhaps the kidnappers were trying to do us all a favor by trying to halt the certainly terrible zorro 2.

    madonna fans are lamenting the fact that her cbs concert has been cancelled. madge wanted the affair to run commercial-free, but viacom heads did not go along with the idea.

    posh has been taking out her raging pregnancy hormones on becks. she has been dissing him on everything from his looks to his ability on the field. sources say she thinks herself more high class than her heavily-tattooed hubby, but officially they are claiming that they have no problems in the relationship.

    robbie williams was offered $1 million for hugh jackman's "boy from oz" role, but turned it down because he didn't want to fuel the gay rumors constantly surrounding him.

    from imdb:
  • is kirsten hooking up with her virgin suicides co-star, josh hartnett? they have been spotted "necking" at la's fenix club.
  • noah wyle has decided to leave "er". i learn that "er" is still on the air.
  • in the world of neverending james bond speculation, mi:2 star dougray scott is rumored to have the role.
  • Friday, September 10, 2004

    what is this delightful creature? find out on monday.
    this is just about the most retarded movie proposal i have ever heard of. paris hilton may play daisy buchanan in a lance bass-produced remake of the great gatsby.

    nsync's joey fatone married a pretty fugly chick yesterday. ms. fugs is his high school sweetheart.

    in classic "i just started college style," mary-kate olsen and david katzenberg have parted ways. if there was one thing david had going for him as the future mr. mk olsen (besides that fauxhawk), it was the fact that no one could call the son of the dreamworks ceo a gold-digger (via
    j-lo might be quoting some circa 1997 sublime lyrics when her makeup artist leaks the story that she has been using a faith healer to put hexes on those who upset her. the alleged healer, merle gonzalez, does indeed practice santeria.

    two defamer amazing dog sightings, one walks on two legs and the other shoots a man in self defense (this is so sad).

    i guess bisquick beckham is going to be a boy. beckham's just full of those y chromosomes.

    diddy's having some trouble with his baby mama, she just asked for an additional $35,000 a month child support for their son, justin (the namesake of his justin's restaurant in nyc). umm, i don't make $35,000 a year.

    the kenneth lonnergan play, "this is our youth", has opened in toronto to horrendous reviews for its star, jason lewis. i guess despite woody harrelson's unquestionably excellent directing, jason has proved he's no smith jerrod. the play's london run featured such diverse talent as jake gyllenhaal, matt damon and anna paquin.

    imdb news:
  • john ritter's family is suing the doctors at st. joseph's medical center because they believe the center's misdiagnosis cost the "three's company" star his life.
  • harrison ford is slimming down for his 3-d debut because he is afraid of looking too chubby.
  • hooray! kirsten dunst wants to get back together with jake gyllenhaal (someday). she's been quoted as saying, "i don't think this is the end of the story...jake was the love of my life - he was, is and always will be." my prayers have been answered. i mean kate bosworth and orlando bloom just don't cut it for me.
  • Thursday, September 09, 2004

    thanks to newyorkish for pointing me towards this somewhat fascinating article in the times about the world of competitive rock, paper, scissors. i'd join the official society, but it costs like $10 and i've been spending way too much money lately.
    the nicole kidman-bashing edition.
  • nic was booed at the venetian premiere of birth, perhaps because of the pedophilia undertones?
  • she was also bashed by her mother in the film, lauren bacall, who said she is a mere beginner, not a legend.
  • finally, the former mrs. cruise has had to rubbish reports that she is suffering from osteoporosis.

    will harrison ford's follow up to 2003's classic hollywood homicide be a james cameron film in 3-d?

    "welcome to the house of dereon." beyonce names her new clothing line after her grandmother, promises "couture. kick. soul." whatever that means.

    all you julia salinger fans out there, neve campbell goes naked and pleasure herself in her new film. what would bailey think?

    good new and bad news for celebrity wedding enthusiasts. first, the good news. november should be a busy month for them. it's long been thought that britney and k-dog would wed at the end of that month and now it seems demi and ashton's nuptials will be taking place then as well. and now for the bad news. the wedding plans of katie holmes and chris klein may have hit a snag. the two got into a fierce fight in a los angeles restaurant and ms. holmes began to cry. this might be your big chance with joey potter, kittytext.

    tom cruise continues to be unlucky in love. he was recently turned down for a date by olympic gold medalist kelly holmes. she chose not to attend the london premiere of collateral because she was busy and had nothing to wear (via defamer).

    in other olympic athlete love life news (oalln), michael phelps has eyes for more than just lindsay lohan, he was spotted at suede asking for jenna bush's number.

    jennifer lopez's former makeup artist, scott barnes is refuting claims that he was fired. he says he quit because he was never paid to make over all of her relatives at her wedding.
  • Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    that '70s show scoops: hyde's real father is black and fez will become a hairdresser.

    wtf? seventeen magazine has added a religion section. i can't wait until they do a story on jessica simpson and true love waits.

    watch out, downtown nyc. yesterday mary-kate and ashley started their freshman year at nyu.
  • britney's breasts are really quite oddly shaped
  • surprise, surprise, mischa barton is a total bitch
  • it seems nic cage's child bride isn't happy as a housewife

    nicole kidman is seeing heidi klum's baby daddy. the stud, flavio briatore, has also carried on with such supermodels as naomi campbell and eva herzigova.
  • Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    i guess jordan catalano wasn't enough man for hollywood's newest princess. scarlett johansson has been seen out in london with a prince.

    last week's report that hugh jackman was a kabbalist was "a load of absolute rubbish."

    sandra bullock used her contract's script approval clause, dropping out of the romantic comedy prime.

    elisha cuthbert will not be in the fourth season of "24" because the newly-engaged actress wishes to pursue her film career. with a "classic" like the girl next door already in the bag, she's sure to have a long career (read with extreme sarcasm).

    looks like jamiroquai's jay kay will have to try "traveling without moving", his driver's license has been suspended for six months for speeding.

    liz hurley may be becoming a hot mama for the second time.

    sharon osbourne has put her foot in her mouth again. she called nicole kidman a "skinny cow". isn't that an oxymoron? she also suggested the oz actress have a sandwich.

    there may be an all out reality tv star war on the way. victoria gotti is totally peeved that paris hilton snubbed her and her son carmine at a club recently. i think a gotti-hilton catfight could be a big winner for pay-per-view.

    beyonce's 23rd birthday party got shut down by the cops. it must have been "jumpin".

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    my boyfriend is so cool. seriously. but that aside, he is urging all you young men out there to join him in GABO, the great american beard off. it should, and will be, an event to remember. please check out his plea at
    apparently ashley olsen has moved on from ex-beau and columbia university quarterback matt kaplan in a big way. she has been seen all over nyc with ex-vassar girl anne hathaway's ex-boyfriend, scott sartiano, 30. he was introduced to the girls by their uncle jesse, john stamos. now those would be some wild, cradle-robbing threesomes, if you ask me.

    while britney's love for kabbalah is still going strong, hugh jackman appears to be its latest celebrity convert, planning to join madonna for a trek to israel for rosh hashanah.

    move over hillary duff and mk&a, nicky hilton is encroaching on your territory. the newly-wedded heiress is starting a new junior's clothing line, chick, much to the delight of japanese school girls everywhere.

    i guess when mark mcgrath sang, "all the favorite TV shows have gone out the window", he wasn't talking about "extra". the sugar ray front man now has his "dream job", co-anchor to the program's dayna devon. i guess the position of "rock star" didn't live up to his expectations.

    all you aeon flux fans have reason to mourn this morning, the movie has been halted indefinitely while charlize theron tends to her injured neck. but i think aeon flux fans should cry over something more important than the possible loss of the film, the loss of their sanity. that show was dumb.

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    for anyone who cares, the criminal charges against kobe bryant have been dropped. the civil lawsuit is still going strong.

    fox wants to compete with nbc's "the apprentice" by getting a trump of their own. in a show sure to win the hearts of "the littlest groom" fans the world over, forty-something ivana trump will search for a new love amongst a bevy of twenty-somethings. what will the two-hour special be entitled? ivana man.
    i just got back from a ride around the block in my dad's new mercedes sl 500. it was so hottt. i can't wait until i get mine for my birthday next month. nah, that's all complete bullshit but i did just ride around the block in one of these babies. it was my dad's boss', though. this thing costs four times my salary.

    thank goodness for the brits. popbitch's informant gives a look into travis from blink 182's after-hours hobbies. warning: this gets graphic.
    "My mate used to be a tranny club kid in LA when he was about 19, three or four years ago. One night he and his two tranny mates (we're not talking high class realness here either)picked up Travis from Blink 182. They went back to his(rather normal looking) apartment and did coke and smoked crystal all night and started doing tricks to amuse him while giving him blowjobs...
    Travis' favourite trick was to see one of the club kids bending over backwards with blueberries jammed in his asshole, while the other two ate them."

    thanks to this interview with scott of stereogum fame, i have christopher cross' "sailing" in my head.
    fucking rad. michael ian black and amy sedaris are going to sub for the now-retired craig kilborn. see also ny daily news (via defamer and

    rnc leaders don't wants us to think they're transvestites.

    want to see pictures of hugh grant and his new girlfriend on a boat? yeah, i didn't think so.

    mary-kate and ashley go to bar that i have been to. (i know, i know. slow news day.)

    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    it's september 1st, don't forget that tomorrow is the great american shout out.

    charlize theron was injured in some manner on the set of aeon flux.

    as king missile so deftly put it, "jesus was way cool." and now it seems that jesus will be superman.

    perhaps taking cues from those inescapable revlon ads starring halle berry, julianne moore, eva mendes and james king, nicole kidman and baz luhrmann are filming a $10 million chanel ad.

    the darkness' justin hawkins has revealed he is a fan of the binge/purge as well as the bottle and the catsuit (this and above via

    check out a picture of apple paltrow-martin and a picture of p dids' entree of choice.