Friday, August 06, 2004

paris hilton/angelina jolie edition:
  • it seems lenny kravitz is eager to spend one night in paris. an insider claims that kravitz is desperate to date his vma co-host.
  • good thing miss hilton dumped nick carter. as if beating her were not enough, he allegedly cheated on paris with a 20-year-old talent agency staffer. the staffer's description of nick shows he has a lot in common with another of paris's exes, rick solomon. "... at times he was more concerned about how he looked rather than being with me. All night long, I caught him checking himself out in the mirror next to the bed!" anyone who has seen one night in paris, knows nick has been borrowing those moves from rick.
  • (same link as above) oliver stone appears to be confirming previous months' rumors that angelina jolie and colin farrell had an affair while shooting alexander. he tells premiere, "He was all over her. He was just falling in love with her, couldn't help himself."
  • jolie may have moved on to another alexander co-star, though. the sun reports that she has been cozying up to val kilmer.