Tuesday, August 10, 2004

not at all bitter that they didn't take my one attempt at a submission, the black list is really pretty funny today.

in a british article that sounds completely made up, kirsten dunst speaks out about her break up with america's most eligible bachelor. hopefully, she didn't actually say, "He's a stay-at-home boy, I'm an out-on-the-town girl." who talks like that? (via defamer)

kylie and olivier haven't called it quits yet. they were spotted very purposefully holding hands while walking near the oz singer's london apartment.

are alicia keys and usher the hip-hop world's latest romance? could be; they've been on a number of dates lately, though they are working on a duet called "my boo". usher's former "boo", tlc's chilli, recently ditched the "scrub" amidst reports of infidelity.

matt damon wants to do a character-driven porno and compares the genre to action. i think he has a guaranteed hit on his hands.

naomi campbell followed up her notorious cell phone throwing incident by beating up her maid on saturday. naomi's plans for today include stealing candy from babies and drowning kittens in burlap sacks.

posh is trying to avoid another rebecca loos situation by moving to madrid. britons wonder if she will be able to make it in spain, but i'm pretty sure that they have versace boutiques there too.

page six reports that ryan cabrera and ashlee simpson's on-screen/off-screen romance has come to an end and that mtv's slutty vj vanessa minnillo is dating j-lo's ex, cris judd.

former chanel girl, devon aoki is set to follow up in such model's footsteps as milla jovovich and tyra banks by recording an album.

kevin powell, the real world's original angry black man, got into a bar brawl at BLVD in nyc.

heather matarazzo is a rug muncher.