Friday, August 13, 2004

is it wrong that i want to see vincent gallo's "thick" penis? because it definitely makes me feel dirty.

various sources are reporting that brad pitt and jennifer aniston want to adopt. perhaps they were inspired by chandler and monica's misadventures with anna faris.

paris's parents must be thrilled. she has reunited with the one they thought had gotten away, former fiance and tommy hilfiger model, jason shaw. however, the ny post reports that paris is spending nights out with fred durst. i prefer to think that durst and hilton are just friends, though. i mean she totally screened his call during her nefarious sex tape.

richard gere picked a pretty bad beard in cindy crawford. jenna jameson's tell-all book makes it seem as though the supermodel may have eyes for the ladies. crawford apparently came on to jameson while they were working on an e! project. the book also details jameson's encounters with wesley snipes and bruce willis.