Friday, August 27, 2004

i'm back and i'm badder than ever. well, maybe not. i'm still way too tired to do much of anything besides slowly raising my head off a pillow, but such is gastroenteritis. i highly suggest keeping away from it. despite such adventures in the stomach flu, i am determined to bring you what you need: me.

according to everyone's favorite british gossip newsletter, popbitch, hollywood wives aren't the only ones shelling out their pretty pennies on plastic surgery. leading men like robert redford are rushing to take part in the latest celeb procedure, the testicle lift. aren't those things supposed to hang?

also from pb, jude law calls his bimbo "se-se", david hasselhoff inspired orlando bloom to be an actor (baywatch the movie?) and barbara streisand has a tendency to use her five finger discount on movie sets.

it's tough being a potential first daughter. the kerry sisters were not allowed to stock up on free goodies at the vma pre-parties.

one of billy bob's innumerable exes, laura dern is engaged to long time love ben harper.

all you future kings of real estate better sit down, your idol, the donald is planning trump university.

speaking of the donald, his former apprentice hopeful, nick, was caught flirting with a very married mena suvari at a recent party in nyc.

from imdb:
  • "missing" tinkerbell was really only at grammy hilton's house.
  • rebecca romijn(-stamos?) is seeing vern from stand by me. becky is just one in a long list of o'connell conquests including, ginger spice buffy.
  • don't worry, lindsay is still technically on the market. she and fez have only been shopping for promise rings, not rings of the engagement variety.
  • let's hope they conceived in bumfuck this time. friends of the beckhams are confirming the pregnancy rumor.

    rad news: there's going to be a muppet version of the wizard of oz. bad news: quentin tarantino is going to be in it.