Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i love monkeys! you should too (via ultragrrrl).

guess i'm going to have to shell out the bucks for a region-free dvd player because blur's notoriously impossible to find stateside documentary, starshaped is finally going to be produced on dvd in england. fucking damon albarn and his fucking impossible releases. first democrazy was only issued on vinyl (and me without a record player) and now this. i really hope the next blur album comes out exclusively on 8-track.

blah, rosario dawson was arrested, blah.

warning, lindsay. tara reid doesn't fuck around. you better step off paris hilton or she may actually "punch out your lights" the way she recently threatened to in vegas (via defamer).

famously ambiguous robbie williams is refuting reports of a homosexual rendezvous.

jordan bratman may shortly have his bratwoman in the form of one christina aguilera's legal declaration of love. the newly singly pierced xtina "confessed" she'd love to be married to her beau soon. both the ny daily news and page six's reports make this claim seem a little premature as ca was witnessed enjoying a little girl-on-girl action post vmas sunday.

madonna no longer worships manolo (via gawker).

the star allegedly offered potential peeping toms $20 to spy on mk and ash's bathroom behavior at a blender-hosted vma event this past weekend. the american media tabloid predictably denies the claim.

is maverick exec guy oseary buying his own used party invitations off ebay?

phew, a lot of gossip today. i gotta get the fuck back to work.