Monday, August 09, 2004

good news for all you seth cohen fans out there, he won what i believe to be his first award ever, tv actor, drama/adventure, at the teen choice awards last night. fake-bake addict lindsay lohan was the favorite of the night, winning 4 surfboards. the show airs wednesday evening on fox, but why watch when you can see the list of winners here?

as if i needed a reason to love apes more, the associated press is reporting that the famous sign language-using gorilla, koko, utilized her second language to alert her handlers to a prolonged toothache from which she had been suffering. the 33-year old heroine of one of my favorite children's books, koko's kitten, was given a complete check up and the culprit tooth was extracted. according to the article,
Koko asked to meet her specialists. They crowded around her, and Koko, who plays favorites, asked one woman wearing red to come closer. The woman handed her a business card, which Koko promptly ate.
she is doing well and is now resting in her sweet digs, which include "a makeshift toilet, television, DVD player and lots of toys."