Tuesday, August 03, 2004

fox news' greta van susteren, fond of the taking an inappropriate celebrity to the white house correspondents' dinner tactic, is a scientologist.

jake and kirsten were spotted sharing a meal in la. gyllenhaal wore sunglasses the entire time (perhaps to hide the shiners kiki gave to him after being inspired by nick carter's alleged bruising of ph).

indie rockers lament as the beta band break up and then rejoice as beck plans to collaborate with jack white.

it looks like chopper, eric bana will be the next james bond.

mk is back on the streets with boyfriend david katzenberg (sporting a david beckham 2002 look). in related news, it seems that american media (the conglomerate that brings us the classy tab, star) is ceasing its claims that the more talented olsen was a cokehead.

adrien brody aspires to be the next eminem? good luck, dude. i don't think that diet coke ad is doing much for your street cred.

this is clearly bullshit. george clooney to star in matt damon-directed film with on-again gf, lisa snowdon.