Wednesday, August 18, 2004

britney and kevin may replace nick and jessica as mtv's newest newlyweds and, sadly, ashlee may be leaving the network as well. possibly as an intro to her reality show role, britney's video for her bobby brown cover, "my prerogative", will feature simulated nuptials with a kevin lookalike. i hear brian austin green is available.

i guess robbie williams has moved on from maroon 5's gf, he's dating a star of nip/tuck.

carrie bradshaw may not have liked the life of politician's girlfriend, but sarah jessica parker may be prepping for a life as a politician's mother. she's getting her son involved in politics early by teaching him to say "president kerry".

who knew spicoli had such a buff bod?

marc anthony did not knock up that miami waitress, but did he plant his seed in j-lo's garden?