Monday, August 30, 2004

at last, sweet justice: garfield, the movie that no one in the us would see with me (or at all for that matter), is kicking ass overseas. nice.

are we surprised? robbie williams bangs porn stars and prostitutes. (see also elton john forced rw into rehab.)

vma updates from page six (stay tuned for my comprehensive "review" of the awards show): karen o and spike jones finally go public (page six continually [purposefully?] misspells sofia coppola's name), simon rex and paris hilton are perfectly pulchritudinous/totally trashy together and, "alarmingly", the toddmeister doesn't like bijou phillips.

it's official, little bisquick beckham is on the way.

russell crowe seems to be taking his method acting cues from mike tyson. the star, currently filming the boxing flick cinderella man in canada, has admitted to fighting his bodyguard at a party, though has not fessed up to the alleged ear-biting during said fight.

ja rule knows how to front. the rapper has been claiming that a posh miami pad is his "crib" and the real owner is pissed.

tommy hilfiger is following his daughter's footsteps by entering the realm of reality tv. his foray into the genre will be more "apprentice" than "rich girls", though, documenting the attempts of sixteen designers to win their own clothing line.