Thursday, August 12, 2004

andy dick sure could have used a good assistant tuesday night when he got out of control at nyc hot spot, suede. sources say he was kissing everything in sight and lamenting the passing of rick james. nsync's joey fatone, who hosts tuesdays at suede, had to help get the mtv reality show star out of there.

more bad news for joey. it seems justin timberlake may be saying "bye bye bye" to the next nsync album. an insider told people magazine he is not interested in recording with his former "band" mates.

if you want to hear about one of moby's wild nights (and i suggest you don't), read on.

cameron's people deny the engagement rumors despite the giant rock she's been sporting (via defamer).

maddox jolie becomes the first celebrity baby with a camera phone.

if star wars makes you wet, check out these pictures. so many wookies, so little time.