Wednesday, August 04, 2004

about three times a week, i go to dunkin donuts before work. there are two girls who regularly work there, one latina and one maybe east asian? anyway, this morning, as i come up to the register, i noticed that the asian-looking girl was sort of trying to hold back giggles and she nudged the other girl. i was getting sort of paranoid at this point, thinking that they spend the whole day laughing about me and my dad's black coffee (they don't know it's my dad's; he never goes in). i placed the aforementioned order and the asian girl poses me this question, "are you american?" to which i respond in the affirmative. she looks at the other girl and then asks, "like pure american?" i wasn't sure what that meant, so i just said yes. next, i receive the sort of compliment that i thought would never be said about me, "you're pretty like barbie." i didn't know how to respond to that so i just muttered, "thank you."

it would suck to be molested by tigger, but it would kind of rule to be a juror for the case because you get to try on the tigger costume (via defamer).

britney's going all neverland ranch on her soon to be stepkids. related, stereogum posts kevin federline's love letters to an old girlfriend. only a brian austin green look-a-like could make the words, "you aren't a bitch. if you were i would tell you truthfully," sound so good.

charlize theron looks so hot with black hair.

jude law will be playing joy divison's ian curtis.

kid rock has been taking notes from the oc; he serenaded pam anderson with bob seger's "night moves" earlier this week.