Monday, July 26, 2004

this is the best messageboard post ever! well, if you watched bug juice. it's pictures of the cast during the show and what they look like now. i started watching reruns of it on disney this past weekend and was wondering about them, so the timing couldn't be better.

death cab for cutie is continuing it's quest to conquer all tv soundtracks with a cameo on six feet under last night. "transatlanticism" (the song, not the whole album) was part of a drug-induced sing-a-long by claire's art school friends. some of the writers really write claire and her "scene" well; kate robin (last night's writer) could use some work. the whole trip seemed lame to me, like what someone who never did drugs would think it would be like. also, can claire and mena suvari hook up already? the tension is getting over the top.

britney continues her quest to out trash every celebrity in recent memory.

paris hilton pulls a dunst and dumps nick carter. nick's website claims he made the decision.

star wars episode III: revenge of the sith. next summer.