Wednesday, July 14, 2004

  • duck for president - i read this children's book on my lunch break yesterday. it's clever.
  • if you like bowie, george michael, pink floyd or great dance music, then scissor sisters are your kind of party.

    NO SPOILERS: also, i saw i, robot last night. i enjoyed it, despite the bad buzz that has been circulating around it. it might not have brains or even subtlety, but it's a good, fun summer movie.
    here's what's good -
  • there's no inane will smith single that goes along with it (at least so far as i'm aware)
  • will reintroduces his street smart, sarcastic one-liner-spewing character that america loves (this could be a bad thing, depending on the viewer)
  • a cute sensitive robot that reminded me of my love for teddy in ai
  • robots swinging around like monkeys
  • seamless special effects
  • will's boss going all scarface on some robots
  • smith's body is insane
  • no forced love story
  • finally some jailbait for the ladies in the form of one shia labeouf

    here's what's bad -
  • not enough shia labeouf (his part makes no sense, as i'm sure they cut most of it but didn't want to screw him by cutting it all)
  • bridget moynahan rehashing the sandra bullock part in demolition man
  • the explanation dialogue at the end (very scooby doo and anyone intelligent [not the movie's target audience, i suppose] had already figured it out for themselves)
    one more thing: what's the last scene about?
    go see this one. it won't be as enjoyable on video.