Thursday, July 22, 2004

popbitch reports that sunglasses-obsessed usher pays his bodyguards to order his drinks: "Usher showed at P Diddy's party in Bottinos, NYC, last week that he's the newest diva on the block. Usher walked to the bar for a drink, but refused to talk to the barman. Instead, he waited for his bodyguard, whispered in his ear, and then the bodyguard spoke to the barman,'Usher will have a Bellini.' The barman mixed the drink and went to hand it to the star, but was stopped by the bodyguard, who explained that he was the only one allowed to hand Usher his Bellini. This is repeated through the evening. Usher's bodyguard then takes a packet of peanut M&Ms, asks for 5 wine glasses, separates the chocolates into the glasses by colour, and asks bar staff to take over to the star on a tray." also reported, cameron diaz has a personal armpit-shaver.