Wednesday, July 28, 2004

kabbalah red string update: now available at target (via gawker).

  • the simpsons will be outing a character in a gay marriage-related episode. i'm hoping for lenny/carl nuptials.
  • scarlett johansson continues to make herself known as a diva by refusing to be photographed with a british actress at a party. she was similarly snooty last month when she insisted that the press not be allowed into a calvin klein event.
  • benjamin mckenzie, aka ryan from the oc, spoke at the democratic convention. tonight, hillary duff gives a speech entitled "voting is totally cool (i wish i was 18)!" i bet hillary is not alone in that wish.
  • kimora lee-simmons was arrested sunday night and charged with possession, among other things. to think, i was watching her continually berate elyse on america's next top model last night and i had no idea.
  • looks like courtney love won't be alone in rehab. her friend, donatella versace is currently getting over a cocaine addiction (a la mary-kate?) at an undisclosed treatment center. love served as versace's muse in 1996 during her highly-publicized makeover period.