Thursday, July 29, 2004

i'm such a trendsetter. first, everyone and their mom (i.e., the wow report, newyorkish and defamer) do links to the bitter waitress website right after me and now does a post on the courtney love/donatella versace rehab connection. keep reading and i will eventually scoop them all.

apparently britney spears has not given up kabbalah despite the protests of her mother. defamer shows her reading the zohar. i studied parts of this doctrine back in 2000 and it is no beach read. i wonder if brit has the cliffs notes because something tells me her little louisiana brain won't be able to handle it without help.

this morning, on the way to work, i saw a paul scheer (from best week ever) lookalike and stared at him a little too long.

kylie is afraid she may be losing her boyfriend, olivier martinez, to michelle rodriguez. the two, who starred together in SWAT, were recently photographed in st. tropez. similar reports surfaced about olivier and angelina jolie when they filmed taking lives.

margaret cho is deepening her friendship with damien echols of the west memphis three, by writing a book about him. according to page six, she just visited echols in his maximum security prison. learn more about the injustice surrounding the three at

ben affleck will likely be seeing less of boston after the democratic convention, where he has been a staple, ends. it seems he has broken up with his short-term, beantown lady friend, enza sambataro. perhaps he is clearing the way for a relationship with the apparently newly single jennifer garner.

lance armstrong may be engaged to girlfriend sheryl crow. the pair did not correct hotel staffers in france when they referred to crow as armstrong's fiancee.