Thursday, July 08, 2004

i was in la, i got sick and now i have returned. last night, i threw my back out while sneezing. nothing says seventy-year-old man like hobbling around while holding one's lower back. i thought i had planned ahead today by asking my mom to make me a sandwich so i wouldn't have to walk anywhere to get something for lunch. of course, i forgot the sandwich and ended up trekking to subway anyway. while i was there, i saw mark hamill's 21st-century doppelganger. he was wearing what i initially thought was an ironic john deere shirt, but as i soon discovered that he was in construction, it could have been completely serious. i suppose now that that '70s mop-top hairstyle is back in style, sightings like these will happen far more often. i still am a bit ashamed of my 3-year-old self for salivating over mr. skywalker rather than mr. solo.