Tuesday, July 27, 2004

i just walked into one of the bathroom stalls to find a poster on the door for my enjoyment. the poster reads as follows:

there is an individual who every afternoon uses this stall and sprinkles on the seat. if you are this individual, please use a seat cover or wipe the seat when you are finished. we don't like having to clean up your mess!

the message was paraphrased, as i don't have a photographic memory. still, i am sure that the word "sprinkled" was used. who the fuck is the loser who typed this sign up, printed it out and took it, and a tape dispenser, into the bathroom and put it on the door? i mean, if the "individual" always "sprinkles" in that particular stall, why doesn't the sign-maker use another one? and who would use the word "sprinkle" and still be left with any dignity? i think it might be the same anal bitch who wrote a threatening email to someone in my area with a cell phone ring not to her liking. i'll let you know if i discover the truth.