Friday, July 09, 2004

i just returned from the bathroom, where i discovered that, at least in that light, my shirt and bra combination was almost entirely see-through. we're talking wet t-shirt contest here. i don't know how my parents let me leave the house looking like that.

today i discovered, after reading about the black dahlia case on one of my favorite websites, crime library, and then researching the upcoming de palma film featuring scarlett johansson, that you can read the full text of w magazine's feature stories online. i remember frantically trying to read the britney cover story, in which she officially revealed what we already knew, while waiting to board a commuter flight at logan airport. all along the piece was right at my fingertips. i love a magazine that is so photo-heavy that it gives out its text for free. this is unfortunately not the case with a w story that page six previewed yeseterday about jude law's girlfriend, sienna miller. maybe i'm jealous that someone younger than me is dating the international super-hunk, but she sounds like a total prat. responding to the fact that the press would dare to call her an "it girl", miller spews, "Do I look like a fucking Hilton sister? Yeah, and check me out on the Internet having sex." miller would be lucky if she could even follow the career trajectory of former "it girl", gretchen mol. when questioned about her relationship with law, she scoffed, "It's not like I sit there thinking, 'God I'm dating someone who is very famous.'" if she's at all smart, that's exactly what she's doing, since her resume, mostly consisting of the cancelled keen eddie, leaves much to be desired.