Tuesday, July 20, 2004

finally some (somewhat) interesting gossip.
  • metallica's lars ulrich has been hooking up with demonlover connie nielsen. i can understand his interest there, but what she sees in him is far from overt. the nielsen romance comes right on the heels of ulrich's break up with wife skylar (matt damon's inspiration for the character of the same name in good will hunting). the real question is who in "the industry" will skylar date next?
  • another bed hopper, rosario dawson, is taking her cues from sex and the city by taking on smith jerrod (i.e., jason lewis). let's hope for her sake he can match those endowment rumors surrounding her former fling, colin farrell.
  • things may be getting shaky for brandon davis and mischa barton as they have been reportedly arguing all over la. could it be that barton is resparking an old flame with eamon early? early (whoever the hell he is) has also been romancing a russian new york socialite anna anisimova (whoever the hell she is).