Thursday, June 17, 2004

today, i saw the most disturbing thing that i have seen all week (and that includes watching helplessly as my dog threw up at my feet). i was at borders around 2:10 and was walking towards the magazine racks, when a seemingly harmless woman and her two little girls appeared in my range of vision. "mom" was dressed in a white, frilly tank and blue gingham pencil skirt with those high-heeled flip flops. her daughters looked ready for their close-up in the next abercrombie kids catalog. the youngest of the two younguns motioned toward the life magazine special issue, "ronald reagan: a life in pictures". as she is about 7-years-old, i assumed she was boasting to her mother of her knowledge of current events (i.e., "look mommy, there's that dead president!") unfortunately, i was wrong. the instant our bleached-blonde heroine (or is it villainess?) saw the magazine, she gasped as if the lifeless corpse of mr. reagan had appeared before her eyes and asked her if she would like a licorice jelly belly and then snatched the issue of life from the shelf. i was horrified and intrigued at the same time.