Friday, June 04, 2004

okay, as i discovered shortly after publication of my last post, i had been worrying for no reason. but now you all know a little more about me, i despise grammatical mistakes (or at least those mistakes that i know are mistakes because i am familiar with their corresponding rule). maybe i should follow my current career path and become an editor. it's kind of great to circle a misplaced comma with a bright red pen, bringing the comma user's errors into full view. maybe i take pride in highlighting other people's mistakes. if so, it's only because misery loves company. really britney, keep hanging out with that white trash dancer. the fact that i make fun of you for doing so doesn't mean i don't still love you. i just love you in a whole new way. like when i came to terms with the trashiness of x-tina's pantsless chaps and came to care for her like my slutty twin sister. i'm only teasing you because i know you would jab me with the "you live with your parents again" line every time. we can cry into our cocktails together and it will only make us stronger. but back to the grammar. i am happy to report that i am still the high-bidder on the grammar bestseller that is the talk of my beloved uk (even more so than apple martin). i'll keep you posted as to whether or not i win.